Internet marketing in Cyprus by CIMS

What is internet marketing?

With the term Internet marketing we mean all those actions and efforts that are made by a business, using the Web and e-mail, with the aim of achieving specific, pre-defined goals. These goals (such as increase sales or sales leads, increase brand awareness, watch the company's online reputation or improve its social media presence) can be measured using specific tools, like Google analytics for example.

Why is Internet marketing important?

Even now, as you read these lines, people are searching the internet to find businesses like yours, offering the services you offer. If they are not able to find your business, you cannot take any advantage of it. Maybe this is the single most important reason why every company should adopt at least some kind of Internet marketing.

It seems that it is a very difficult task, especially for a small business, to have a website that is optimized for search engines, update it at least a few times each year, also have one or more social media pages to maintain and post frequently, and finally do some kind of e-mail marketing. And it would be, if there weren't so many smart tools today, which allow the small business owner to introduce automated marketing solutions that help to make these tasks almost without any effort, once they have been implemented and optimized. Or, of course, you can just outsource the job to a company like ours.

What we can do for you

We are in business for more than 15 years, assisting businesses to have a professional and profitable internet presence. We offer a full set of services, from website design and development, to search engines optimization and internet marketing, to web metrics, so that you will actually be able to measure the performance and the results of your efforts. At CIMS you will find your experienced partner for everything related to your online presence.


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