Services we offer related to e-learning

  • Implementation of an e-learning platform 
    We have the expertise to launch a Moodle e-learning platform. We have also created strategic co-operations and represent in Cyprus two international companies which offer advanced learning management systems (LMS) for the corporate and educational sectors. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

  • Course develoment
    Through a network of affiliates we can arrange to provide you with either ready made seminars on various topics, or create a custom made seminar according to your specific needs
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  • Convertion of existing courses into e-learning 
    Many companies have their own internal (or even external) courses and seminars in a format that is suitable for traditional, in-class presentation. These are usually Microsoft Power Point Presentations. We can undertake to convert these courses to a format suitable for e-learning.
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  • Development of interactive training games and presentations
    Interactive training games and presentations make e-learning more appealing and keep the interest of the learners. Using specially designed tools we can assist by creating a very large number of different types of games and presentations.
  • Graphics, flash, cartoons, video creation
    Our designers can create any type of graphics, cartoons or video that will make your lessons and seminars more appealing, interesting and easy to understand by your learners
  • SCORM compliance
    SCORM is the e-learning industry standard which allows the lessons and seminars to be used on an e-learning platform. 
    We can undertake to convert the lessons and seminars you already have to a format suitable to use on an LMS and even insert them in the e-learning platform.

For more information on our e-Learning solutions and services, or to arrange for a personal demonstration to fully exploit the features of our e-learning platforms, please contact us today