Our services

SEO - Search engines optimizationWe concentrate on making our customers, which we always consider as our business partners, more efficient and more profitable through their internet presence, and our services are focused on achieving this.

We start from the basics, such as designing and building functional websites, that are beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Also, in order to be up to date and meet all the requirements set by the search engines, all the websites we build are mobile friendly. A website must work for the business, by contributing as another business channel, with specific, pre-defined goals, tools to achieve them and tools to measure the actual results. We consider that the ultimate goal of a website is to add to the total experience of a customer, when he / she interacts with the business.

But the vital role a website pays in our era for a business, is highlighted when a new prospective customer visits for the first time the website of the business, through either a web search or a recommendation. As the website is today's way of introducing and presenting a business to the whole world, a professionally designed and presented website will definetely influence the person to decide whether this is a serious business to consider, or not. 

The actual office, shop or exhibition of a business can only be seen when visiting it or passing outside it. A website, on the other hand, helps a business to be seen without one visiting its premises. The company website is the businesses' first point of contact with the world, this is why it is so crucial to have a website that is professionally designed and built.

We create websites using the so called "open source" technologies. This way we are able to offer a top notch website at a very affordable price.