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Accept online, real time bookings for your hotel with our Cosmores booking engine

In today's digital era, the website is a great way for every hotel to reach its customers and its greatest asset other than the hotel premises.
Also, when it comes to digital marketing, each hotel's name is the biggest online asset for the hotel. Every person looking to book holidays will search with the hotel's name and visit its website. If the website does not offer the possibility of online, real time confirmation, then the customer will go to an alternative channel (like for example) where he / she will be able to do so. Unfortunately, nobody has anymore the patience to actually email or send a request and wait for an answer. Everybody prefers an easy and mainly quick way to do his / her job. This is why a booking system is so vital for every hotel.

Our Cosmores online hotels booking system uses state of the art technology and at the same time, an easy, two steps booking procedure which makes it easy for every visitor to book his holidays. In addition to being intuitive and easy to use for the customers, the administration interface of our online, website booking engine is straight forward and easy to use for the hotel's administrator as well. 

In today's extremely competitive environment every hotel must take advantage from every possible channel in order to increase its revenues, and each hotel's website is one of the main (if not the greatest) ways to directly approach its customers.

By increasing the direct sales, commissions paid to third parties are minimised. Also, by allowing to the hotel's customers to book through its booking engine directly, the contact details of the customer belong to the hotel and not to the OTA (Online Travel Agent, like Another great advantage by having the customers contact details, is the possibility to contact them via e-mail and offer them special deals that will even more increase the hotel's direct sales.

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CosmoRes Internet Booking System - Hotels online, real time booking engine
Start accepting bookings from your website easily and inexpensively!
a next generation solution

Cosmores, our solution for hotels online reservations, is a full featured solution. Suitable for small and large hotels alike, hotel apartments, motels, holiday villas etc, our online booking engine offers almost everything needed to allow to the professionals of the industry to be as flexible and effective as possible. At the same time, it is designed for ease of use so that updating your rates and availabilities will be just a matter of minutes and not an adventure.

Pay as you go 

Our pricing policy allows any size of hotel or tourist establishment to use a top notch product and just pay according to the usage. In this way you avoid the very high initial investment cost in order to obtain it and just pay according to the number of bookings you actually make. 

What is the benefit to a hotel of an online booking engine?

In today's world, with the explossive expansion and penetration of Internet, more and more tourists and visitors prefer every year to actually search and find a hotel that suits their unique requirements rather than just take a ready made package from a tourist operator, and this trend is expected to continue and even increase. A powerful booking engine, that is also very easy to use, is the best way to "catch" the visitor to your website while he / she is in buying mode and by offerning an easy way to check availablity, rates, special offers etc to help him / her actually complete the booking. 

Main Features

- Very easy to use for both the visitors to a hotel website and the booking engine administrator
- Fast and easy set up, can be up and running in a matter of few days
- Already used by almost one thousand hotels with ecxellent results
- Create special offers using many different parameters
- Supports unlimited number of room types, periods and pricing

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