Cosmores hotels channels manager

The distribution of available hotel rooms through many different online sales channels, is vital for every hotel. But managing availability on so many different sales channels (like,, and so many others) can be a very challenging and time consuming job - and still not avoid the frustration of over bookings.

 Cosmores admin GDS channels screen
Channels manager GDS screen

 CosmoRes channel manager
How the channels manager works

 Cosmores admin IDS channels screen
Channels manager IDS screen

Using a channels manager puts all these under control. With the channels manager you can have common availability on all your sales channels, including the booking engine on your own website, and when a booking is done on one of them, the availability will be updated automatically on all channels. So the channels manager takes away all the headaches that cause the multiple sales channels, put away the great effort needed to keep everything under control and leaves you happy to enjoy the benefits - the additional bookings that these sales channels offer. And this at a very reasonable low price.

Our Cosmores channels manager uses the latest next generation functionality, and offers connectivity with a very big list of online retailers like,,, and every other of the big players in the industry, plus a large number which grows continuously of the smaller ones.

Additionally, our channels manager offers GDS (Global Distribution System) connectivity, with all four GDS's that are available worldwide: Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo and Worldspan. We also offer connectivity with the Pegasus ODD (Online Distribution Database).

And if these sound too technical, bottom line, this way you will be able to reach more than 650000 travel agents and corporations that use GDS across the world, and mainly in Europe - and for sure this does make sense!

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