Web design for responsive, mobile friendly websites

Lets see a few facts in todays, fast changing world:

Fact number one: in certain countries searches made on mobile devices (like a mobile phone, a smartphone or a tablet pc) are already more than the searches made on more traditional means, like deskop or laptop pc's.

Fact number two: Google has already included in his search algorithm provision for mobile friendly websites. Practically, this means that, if your website is mobile friendly, will appear higher on search results made on mobile devices. And vice versa: if your website is not mobile friendly, will not perform well on mobile devices, or, even worse, will disappear at all from the search results on mobile devices. To make it even more clear, if your website is not mobile friendly, then you lose that majority of searches that are made on mobiles. Can you afford it?

Responsive mobile friendly website

What is a mobile firendly or responsive website? Because of the many different sizes of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, came up the need for websites that would look good on all these different sizes devices. For this, technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 were developed, in order to make this happen. As this is a new field, these new technologies are still evolving and improving.

Now that we clarified these, is your website responsive? (mobile friendly)? How can you find this out?

To help us check this out, Google created a special tool which tests if a website is mobile friendly. You may find this tool on the following web address:



Create a mobile friendly website with CIMS

If, when using this Google tool, you find that your website is mobile friendly, well done. But if you belong to the majority, then your website is not mobile friendly. In this case we can help. Please contact us to explain what we can do to create a mobile friendly website for you.